We are grateful to all who took time to complete the survey we had available for the second half of March 2015. We received responses from 65 participants. We have spent the past several weeks collating your responses and putting them into a convenient format.

This version of the survey summary does not contain the detailed comments provided by many of you with regard to specific comments. Rest assured, we are pouring over them, but have not placed them in this document. We provide this graphical summary of your responses in this document.

We have had a development meeting in which we made an initial assessment of your survey results. We have made some preliminary decisions about tasks we plan to undertake in light of your comments. In the coming months, expect to see additions to the website in the form of additional vignettes and how-to tutorials (Question 4.2). We will also begin taking steps to offer some of our instructional material online (Question 4.1).

We were also very pleased to note the willingness among you to offer your assistance in testing new releases and contributing data/analyses to a repository (Question 4.3). Watch your inboxes for further correspondence with you on that topic.

We are likely to conduct another survey in 2016, to see if your thoughts will change in the coming year. Meanwhile, if you have other comments about our development efforts, you can always send a note to the Distance developers directly.

1 Preamble

2 Distance for Windows questions

2.1 Do you use the GUI?

2.2 Current Distance version used

2.3 Which tasks do you find hard to perform?

2.4 How often do you use the Distance components?

2.5 Next generation of the Distance interface