This section describes the process of releasing source and binary distributions of the standalone Fortran MCDS analysis engine.

In what follows:

  • M - Major version number
  • N - Minor version number
  • R - Revision number
  • Folder and file names for releases are composed using these:
Description Name Example
Source local folder mcds_MN_rR_source
Source ZIP
Binary local folder mcds_MN_rR mcds_50_r2
Binary ZIP
SourceForge folder mcds M.N release R mcds 5.0 release 2

Export MCDS from CVS

Using your preferred CVS client, export the CVS repository. This exports all the files for CVS but omits CVS-specific folders, version histories etc.

Export via Free Software Foundation CVS client


set HOME=%cd%\
cvs export -DNOW -d mcds_MN_rR_source mcds

Or, if you have a SourceForge account and write access to the repository:

set HOME=%cd%\
cvs export -DNOW -d mcds_MN_rR_source mcds

Export via TortoiseCVS

  • Right-click where you want the code to be exported to and select CVS Checkout…
  • If more than one CVSROOT Module combination is present in the Previous CVSROOTs table, then select the one for with CVSROOT /cvsroot/distanceengines/ and module mcds
  • Click Options tab
  • Under Purpose of checkout, select Export - for making a software release
  • Under Name of folder to create, select Enter your own folder name
  • Enter: mcds_MN_rR_source
  • Click OK
  • In Finished checkout, click OK

ZIP exported folder

  • Right-click mcds_MN_rR_source and select Send to => Compressed (zipped) Folder
  • This will create

Prepare binary bundle

  • Build MCDS analysis engine
  • Right-click, select New => Folder
  • Enter folder name mcds_MN_rR
  • Copy MCDS.exe into mcds_MN_rR
  • Right-click mcds_MN_rR and select Send to => Compressed (zipped) Folder
  • This will create

Release on SourceForge

Create a new release folder on SourceForge:

Upload your release:

  • Click mcds M.N release R
  • Click Add File
  • Click Choose Files
  • Select OR
  • Click Upload

Set your release to be the default download:

  • Click i icon next to OR
  • Check Windows icon to make this the default download for Windows users OR click Select all to make this the default download for all
    • This affects the green Download button on the project page above
  • Click Save
  • Give it a few minutes, refresh your project page and check the link.