Important! Do not do development and test Distance setup packages or install Distance releases on the same machine. This results in the Distance executable and support components being in two places on the computer, which may get confusing!

The tools you need are described in their recommended order of installation.

Where to get the development tools

Distance development tools are available in three locations:

  • CDs which are held by Len or David
    • Registration codes are available from Len or David
    • These are only available to Distance project members
  • Distance for Windows virtual machine, %BASE%Extras\DistanceDevCD
    • Relative file paths on this page are relative to this directory
    • These are only available to Distance project members
  • Downloads from web sites

Distance development virtual machine

A complete development environment is on the Distance Windows XP virtual machine available from Len or Dave and which runs under VMWare Player.

This is only available to Distance project members.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Access 97 (optional)

  • Edit .mdb and .dst files e.g. Distance databases, while DAO 3.0 continues to be used within Distance


  • Install Access only from Office 97 Pro CD
  • This needs to be done before a newer version of Microsoft Office (e.g. 2000 or XP) is installed

Microsoft Office XP Pro

  • Excel for editing .xls files e.g. Distance sample project raw data
  • Word for editing .doc files e.g. Distance user’s guide and built-in help
  • Access for editing .mdb files e.g. Distance databases
  • PowerPoint for editing .ppt slides and converting .ppt slides to Windows Metafile .wmf files


  • Install from Office XP Pro CD
    • Do not upgrade Access 97 when asked
  • Add critical updates
    • Microsoft Word service packs need to be applied before using Doc-To-Help

Microsoft Visual Basic 5

  • Microsoft common controls and Jet 3.5 libraries


  • Install from VB5 CD
  • Apply service pack 3 by running VB\VB 5 Service Pack 3\vbsp3.exe

Microsoft Visual Basic 6

  • Edit .vbp projects
  • Build .dll, .ocx and .exe binaries e.g. Distance libraries and GUI


  • Install from Visual Studio 6 CD
  • Apply service pack 6 by running VB\VB 6 Service Pack 6\Vs6sp6.exe
  • You will be prompted to install the Microsoft Development Network documentation (see below) at the end of the Visual Studio 6 install process which you may want to do

Microsoft Jet 3.5

  • Database access and management e.g. Distance databases


  • Provided as part of Visual Basic 5 above
  • Apply service pack 3 by running VB\Jet\Jet35sp3.exe

Microsoft Development Network (MSDN) documentation (optional)

  • Visual Basic 6 documentation


  • Install from CD
  • Load the whole VB documentation onto your hard drive otherwise it will prompt you to insert the CD each time you call up help

Microsoft Windows scripting

  • Utilities e.g. regular expression searching, easy Windows file system manipulation
  • Later versions from Microsoft may also be usable


  • See VB\Scripting\readme.txt
  • Run XP installer VB\Scripting\scripten.exe

Third-party Visual Basic components and other tools

For the uses of these components, and the libraries specifically used, see Third party components.

ComponentOne VideoSoft VSFlex


  • Install version 3 by running VSFlex\V3\SETUP.EXE
  • Register:
    • Run VSFlex\V3\regcd.EXE
    • Enter registration code from VSFlex\V3\Regnum.txt
  • Install version 7 by running VSFlex\V7\SETUP.EXE
  • Register:
    • Run VSFlex\V7\regcd.EXE
    • Enter registration code from VSFlex\V7\CSReadMe.txt
  • Upgrade to .187:
    • Unzip VSFlex\V7\
    • Copy all but readme.txt into C:\WINDOWS\system32 (or its equivalent)

Common Controls Replacement Project Browse Dialog Server


Data Dynamics ActiveBar


  • Install version 1 by running ActiveBar\barsetup.exe
  • Enter registration code from ActiveBar\barsetupReadMe.txt
  • Upgrade to version 2 by running ActiveBar\AB2Upgrade.exe
  • Enter registration code from ActiveBar\ab2SReadMe.txt
  • Upgrade to .5.2.121 by running ActiveBar\AB2 HotFix

Desaware Spyworks 6.3


  • Run SpyWorks63\setup.exe
  • When prompted, select only the 32-bit files (the NT services demo is not needed)

ESRI MapObjects 2.3


  • Install from MapObjects CD
  • Copy MapObjects\Microsoft files from CD to C:\Program Files\MapObjects2\Microsoft

Farpoint Tabpro 3.1.22


  • Install version 2 by running TabPro\V2\setup.exe
  • Enter registration code from TabPro\V2\CSReadMe.txt
  • Install version 3 by running TabPro\V3\setup.EXE
  • Enter registration code from TabPro\V3\CSReadMe.txt
  • Upgrade to .1.22 by running TabPro\V3Sp\setup.EXE
    • When prompted, choose upgrade

Polar Software PolarZIP


  • Run PolarZip\polarzip50release.exe

Sheridan Software ActiveThreed 2.04


  • Run ActiveThreed\Setup.EXE
  • When prompted, select C:\Program Files\ActiveThreed as the install directory
    • Not the default C:\Sheridan\ActiveThreed
  • Enter registration code from ActiveThreed\readme.txt

Zlib zip


  • Copy ZLib\DstZip.dll to C:\WINDOWS\system32


The following libraries are installed as a side-effect of the foregoing:

  • Microsoft C runtime library (MSVCP60.dll, MSVCRT.DLL)
  • Microsoft DAO (DAO2535.tlb, DAO350.dll)
  • Microsoft Jet 3.51 (MSJET35.DLL, MSJINT35.DLL, MSJTER35.dll)
  • Microsoft Jet 3.51 IISAM drivers (MSEXCL35.DLL, MSRD2X35.dll, MSTEXT35.DLL)
  • Microsoft Windows Script (scrrun.dll, stdole2.tlb, vbscript.dll)
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 5 and 6 (COMCTL32.OCX, comdlg32.ocx, MSChrt20.ocx, MSComCt2.ocx, RichTx32.ocx, VB5DB.dll)

These are required to build Distance as shown in Source code and binaries.

Common Controls Replacement Project Context menu Register-Unregister (optional)

  • Register and unregister components using the right click context menu in Windows Explorer.


  • Run CCRP\ocxdllreg.reg

Common Controls Replacement Project FindAll (optional)

  • Adds to Visual Basic 6 the ability to find a string in all files in a folder.


  • Copy CCRP\FindAll.dll to C:\Program Files\CCRP\FindAll
    • Create the directory if it does not exist
  • Register FindAll.dll
  • Edit C:\Windows\vbaddin.ini -Add the line FindAll.Connect=3

Microsoft Access 97 (optional)

  • Edit .mdb and .dst files e.g. Distance databases


Documentation and image tools

Microsoft Word 2003

  • Edit .doc documents e.g. Distance user’s guide and built-in help
  • Not to be used to edit .rtf files


Microsoft WordPad

  • Edit .rtf files e.g. Distance built-in text


  • Comes with Microsoft Windows

Axialis IconWorkshop 6 (optional)

  • Edit .ico icons


  • Run IconWorkshop\IconWorkshop-Home-
  • Enter registration code
  • Start IconWorkshop by selecting Start => All Programs => Axialis Software => Axialis IconWorkshop
  • Select Help => Check for Updates…
  • Install updates

Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Edit .ppt slides
  • Convert .ppt slides to Windows Metafile .wmf files


Microsoft PhotoDraw

  • Edit Microsoft Image Composer .mix files e.g. Distance splash screen
  • Convert .mix to .jpg
  • Free with Microsoft Office 2000 Premium
  • Note Has been known to screw up the image handling so it is recommended that you don’t install this on your machine, but install it within a VMWare virtual machine


  • Install from CD

Windows HTML Help Workshop

  • Build .chm files e.g. Distance built-in help


Doc-To-Help 2006 v3 build 3.0.313

  • Edit .d2h projects
  • Build .doc, .chm and .bas documents e.g. Distance user’s guide and built-in help


  • Uninstall any previous version:
    • Start Doc-To-Help by selecting Start => All Programs => ComponentOne Doc-To-Help => Doc-To-Help
    • Select Help => Deactivate…
      • If you do not see this option then uninstall Doc-To-Help directly
    • After deactivation is confirmed, uninstall all versions of Doc-To-Help by selecting Start => All Programs => ComponentOne Doc-To-Help => Uninstall Doc-To-Help
    • Clear the registry:
      • Select Start => Run
      • Type regedit and press enter
      • Delete any Doc-To-Help sub-folders
      • Delete any Doc-To-Help sub-folders
      • Reboot
  • Check whether you have any Winword.exe or mail program (e.g. Outlook) opened
    • If so, then close them using the Task Manager
  • Install .NET 1.1 by running DocToHelp\dotnetfx.1.1.exe
  • Install .NET 2.0 by running DocToHelp\dotnetfx.2.0.exe
  • Install MDAC 2.8 by running DocToHelp\MDAC_TYP.2.8SP1.EXE
    • Later versions from Microsoft may also be usable
  • Install XML parser 3 by running DocToHelp\msxml3usa.msi
  • Install Doc-To-Help 2006 by running DocToHelp\C1D2H2006Build313.EXE
    • Enter registration code
    • If Doc-To-Help says that more than 3 copies are activated then contact Len or Dave
  • Customize templates before compiling
    • See %BASE%Extras\External Documentation\Documents\Template Changes.txt

Adobe Acrobat

  • Convert .doc into .pdf e.g. Distance user’s guide


  • Install from CD

Release build tools

Wise Installation System 9.02

  • Edit .wse projects
  • Build installer .exe e.g. Distance installer


  • Run Wise\Wise902.exe
  • Enter registration code
  • Install VB6SP6 runtime:
    • Start Wise by selecting Start => All Programs => Wise Solutions => Wise Installation System
    • Select Help => Download Runtimes
    • Click Next
    • Under Available runtimes, check Visual Basic 6 service pack 6
    • Click Next
    • Click Finish

WinZip and WinZip Self Extractor

  • Bundle installer .exe and .rtf into .zip
  • Convert .zip to self-extracting .exe e.g. Distance self-extracting installer


  • Install WinZip by running WinZip\WinZip100.exe
  • Enter registration code from WinZip\winzip10serial_number.txt
  • Install self-extractor by running Winzip\winzipse22.exe
  • Enter registration code from WinZip\winzipseserial_number.txt

Fortran tools

R tools

General tools

VMWare Player (optional)

  • VMware Player
  • Create and run virtual machines e.g. check Distance release candidates
  • VMWare proprietary license


  • The above page comments that “Player Pro is licensed for commercial use and is enabled to run restricted virtual machines. If you simply want to learn about virtual machines or run virtual machines at home you can always use VMware Player for free” which includes a link to free VMWare Player versions.
  • OR
  • Get copy from Len

TextPad (optional)

  • TextPad
  • Edit .rtf and .txt files e.g. Distance built-in text
  • Proprietary license (single user license - GBP16.50)


  • Get copy from Len

ESRI ArcGIS (optional)

  • View and edit ESRI shapefiles from geographic projects
  • Version 3 or above


  • Install from CD

Microsoft Excel (optional)

  • Edit .xls files e.g. Distance sample project raw data