In Visual Basic, the default DLL base address is &H11000000. This will cause lots of memory re-allocation. Components will load faster if a random number between this and &H80000000 is chosen.

DLL addresses used to date in Distance components are as follows.

Component Address
DnnnnDesNEI &H11000000
CDlg3 &H11000000
PrjParams6 &H11000000
DnnnnMap &H13880000
DnnnnDHTPrp &H15830000
DnnnnDesEng &H17370000
DnnnnCDSNEI &H18370000
DnnnnIDWiz &H20010000
DnnnnCDSDet &H22170000
DnnnnSvyDet &H23170000
DnnnnMAPrp &H24100000
DnnnnMRDSPrp &H24100000
DnnnnLegend &H25870000
CSDesc &H26790000
DnnnnDSMDet &H27000000
DnnnnMRDSDet &H27770000
DnnnnDbEng &H28770000
DnnnnDesDet &H29170000
DnnnnSPWiz &H30010000
DnnnnNEIUtil &H31000000
DnnnnMRDSNEI &H31010000
DnnnnSvyPrp &H32030000
DnnnnDHTNEI &H33290000
DnnnnUtil &H34320000
DnnnnDHTDet &H35320000
DnnnnCDSPrp &H36870000
CTmr &H38460000
DnnnnDSMNEI &H40000000
DnnnnNSvr &H41320000
DnnnnDesPrp &H41720000
DnnnnDSMPrp &H42000000
DnnnnDFPrp &H46290000
DnnnnMDPrp &H48170000
SList &H48570000
DnnnnSvyNEI &H57830000
LogStr &H60160000
LogWin &H61520000
IDnnnnNEng &H73000000