Extension File type
.bas Visual Basic module
.bas Windows/DOS batch file
.bmp bitmap image
.chm Microsoft Compiled HTML Help
.chw .chm index file, created when .chm files are first opened, so subsequenct accesses are faster
.d2h ComponentOne Doc-To-Help project
.dat Distance data folder
.dbf ESRI shapefile - shape attribute format
.dll Dynamic Link Library
.doc Microsoft Word document
.dst Distance project file - Microsoft Jet database
.dsw Visual C++ / Compaq Visual Fortran workspace
.exe executable
.exp Visual Basic export file - used by linker to build DLLs that contain exports
.ico ICO image
.ini INI plain text configuration file format
.jpg JPEG image
.jpeg JPEG image
.LOG plain text log
.lib Visual Basic import library file - used by linker to resolve references to exports (see .exp above)
.mix Microsoft Image Composer file
.mdb Microsoft Access spreadsheet
.ocx OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) Control Extension - custom UI elements
.pdf Portable Document Format
.ppt Microsoft PowerPoint presentation
.prj ESRI shapefile - projection format
.r R script
.rtf Rich Text Format
.sbn ESRI shapefile - spatial index format
.sbx ESRI shapefile - spatial index format
.shp ESRI shapefile - shape format
.shx ESRI shapefile - shape index format
.tlb OLE type library file
.txt plain text
.vbp Visual Basic project
.vbr Visual Basic automatic registration file - enable clients to use remote applications
.wse Wise script file
.wmf Windows meta-file image format
.xls Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
.zip zip archive