Distance sampling email list

A Super Cub takes off towards snowy mountains in South-Central Alaska. Photo by David Miller.

This list is for researchers and practitioners interested in the estimation of wildlife abundance using distance sampling techniques (e.g., line transects, point transects (VCPs), cue counts, etc). Discussions include survey design, analysis methods, software tools, problems and new developments.

The purpose of the list is to promote the sharing of ideas and information among researchers and practitioners interested in distance sampling techniques. Suitable topics for discussion include:

  • questions about survey design and analysis
  • new methodological developments
  • use of software tools (program Distance and other software)
  • news about up-coming meetings, workshops and conferences where distance methods will be discussed
  • jobs related to distance sampling

Joining the list

A Google Group you can view and create posts can be accessed at:

distance-sampling Google Group

To simply join the group and receive messages via e-mail, send an email to


with blank subject and message. You will receive a confirmation e-mail from Google shortly afterwards.

If you have any issues joining the group, get in touch.

The old listserver

Previous to June 2014, the list was hosted on the JISC webpages. Old messages have been uploaded onto the Google Group, but you can still access the old list at the list’s home page http://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/lists/distance-sampling.html.