Distance 3.5

This version of Distance is no longer available for download, please contact us via e-mail if you require a copy.


Before installing Distance 3.5, we recommend you read the release notes.

Additional information

  • Note: Extra support files added to Distance 3.5 Release 6 distribution, 25 Sept 2001. The original version of Distance 3.5 Release 6 (20 July), would not install properly on some versions of Windows 95 and 98. We have now added extra support files to the distribution. If you downloaded Distance 3.5 Release 6 before 25 September 2001, and are having trouble installing it, then you should download the setup files again.
  • Known Problems and Workarounds in Distance 3.5 Release 6 - If you find a problem with Distance 3.5 that is not listed here, please contact us.
  • Resolved Problems and New Features in Release 6 and Earlier
  • Additional Distance 3.5 downloads:
  • Problem fixes and patches:
    • Microsoft Data Access Objects (DAO) - This archive contains the DAO 3.51 installation package, from Microsoft (about 3MB in size). Re-installing DAO has been found to solve a “Run time error 91” problem that can occur in Distance 3.5 on some computer configurations. See the known problems list for details. Warning: do not install if you do not have a specific problem you wish to fix.