mrds 2.2.2 now on CRAN

Posted 15 May 2020 by David L Miller

We’ve just uploaded mrds version 2.2.2 onto CRAN and it should now be available for all platforms. These changes impact both mrds and Distance users.

Following the release of R 4.0.0, there have been some changes to the default appearance of histograms to have light grey bars. We’ve shifted to this too, so plots look similar between R and mrds/Distance (this will also appear in the next Distance for Windows release).

We’ve also added two new functions that we hope will help with your analysis (examples of their use are available in their manual pages):

  1. p_dist_table() prints a table of estimated probabilities of detection. This is useful for covariate (MCDS) models to determine issues with very small detectabilities (if estimated abundance seems astronomically large, it may be down to one probability of detection being very very small). This works for models fitted with mrds and Distance.

  2. add_df_covar_line(), which can be used to add lines plots showing the detection function for a given covariate combination. There have been several requests for this over the years, so apologies that I’ve only just got around to it. This works for models fitted with mrds and Distance.

You can see what’s changed in the last few releases of mrds here

As usual, if you have issues please do report bugs either on github, to me or on the distance-sampling mailing list.