mrds 2.2.3 and Distance 1.0.1 now on CRAN

Posted 03 August 2020 by David L Miller

New versions of the Distance and mrds R packages are now available on CRAN. Thanks to all those who have taken the time to contact us and help out by reporting unusual behaviour or requesting features.

Distance 1.0.1

  • fix bug in dht2 when object IDs were not specified in flatfile formatted data
  • fix bugs in bootdht where the function crashed if all models failed to fit and when the hessian couldn’t be computed
  • better checking of data$observer, thanks to Martin Biuw for pointing this out
  • fix bug in dht2 where the covered area was calculated incorrectly when left truncation was used for point transects
  • add example data for camera trap distance sampling, see ?DuikerCameraTrap for more information
  • Stratum area column (Area) is no longer required by ds(). If it is omitted density estimates are returned.
  • Fix bug when dht2 is used with pre-binned data. Thanks to Delphine Ducros for reporting this bug.
  • Fix to dht2 bugs when Innes et al estimator is used for encounter rate variance estimation
  • fix bootdht issue where convert.units argument was not handled properly

mrds 2.2.3

  • fix bug where region areas were not duplicated properly when density was estimated (using Area=0 in data)
  • fix a bug in getting starting values for hazard-rate detection functions when point transect data is used
  • fix issue with left truncation when estimating abundance/density in dht